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  • Hotel manager


    whatsapp: 08729957122

    openinghours: {"1":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"2":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"3":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"4":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"5":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"6":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"7":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900}}

    hotel manager is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a hotel or a lodging establishment. They ensure that guests have a pleasant and comfortable experience during their stay. Some of the key responsibilities of a hotel manager include: 1.…

  • Best Restaurants in Bhubaneswar | Multi-Cuisine Restaurant - Varenya's Food Arena


    openinghours: {"1":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":2300},"2":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":2300},"3":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":2300},"4":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":2300},"5":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":2300},"6":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":2300},"7":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":2300}}

    Looking for the best restaurants in Bhubaneswar? Look no further than Varenya's Food Arena! Our restaurant offers a wide variety of delicious dishes from different cuisines like Indian, Chinese, and Italian. Whether you're craving spicy curries,…

  • Riverside Resort In Corbett


    whatsapp: 7452045737

    openinghours: {"1":{"o":1,"f":0,"t":0},"2":{"o":1,"f":0,"t":0},"3":{"o":1,"f":0,"t":0},"4":{"o":1,"f":0,"t":0},"5":{"o":1,"f":0,"t":0},"6":{"o":1,"f":0,"t":0},"7":{"o":1,"f":0,"t":0}}

    Kunkhert Valley Resort is the finest riverside resort in Corbett as it offers splendid views of the Kosi river and the kunkhet valley. You can choose from the wide range of accommodations available here which include grand tents, deluxe rooms and super…

  • Indulge in Opulence - 5-Star Hotels in Bodhgaya, Bihar


    openinghours: {"1":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"2":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"3":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"4":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"5":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"6":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"7":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900}}

    Experience the epitome of luxury at Sambodhi Retreat, one of the finest 5-star hotels in Bodhgaya, Bihar. Immerse yourself in lavish accommodations, gourmet dining, and unparalleled service. Your 5-star experience awaits!

  • Manam Karupatti Coffee - Pondicherry


    whatsapp: 8870543241

    openinghours: {"1":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":2100},"2":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":2100},"3":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":2100},"4":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":2100},"5":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":2100},"6":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":2100},"7":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":2100}}

    Manam karuppati coffee began as a small coffee shop in a bustling neighborhood, known for its authentic Karupatti coffee and other traditional snacks. For details Contact: Manam Karupatti Coffee - Pondicherry Mobile : +91 8870543241, +91 8870543269 (6:00…

  • Romantic Escapade Awaits - Top Luxury Hotels for Couples in Bodhgaya, Bihar Bodhgaya, Gaya


    openinghours: {"1":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"2":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"3":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"4":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"5":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"6":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900},"7":{"o":0,"f":800,"t":900}}

    Embark on a romantic journey at Sambodhi Retreat, one of the top luxury hotels for couples in Bodhgaya, Bihar. Experience unparalleled luxury and create lasting memories with your loved one. Book your romantic getaway now!

  • Hotels and Resorts in Ooty


    openinghours: {"1":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":900},"2":{"o":1,"f":2330,"t":2330},"3":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":900},"4":{"o":1,"f":2230,"t":2330},"5":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":900},"6":{"o":1,"f":2330,"t":2330},"7":{"o":1,"f":800,"t":2330}}

    Experience opulent luxury at Accord Highland, among the finest 5-star hotels in Ooty. Explore Ooty resorts for an unforgettable stay, including private pool indulgence. Welcome to Accord Highland, where 5-star excellence meets Ooty's charm. Discover the…

  • Hotel Near Kedarnath Temple


    The New Agrabhawan is an ideal tourist destination and the Best Hotel Near Kedarnath Temple. We provide a comfortable stay and a full trekking experience in Kedarnath. Everyone can easily visit our "New Agrabhawan" Hotel, which is very near to the…

  • Hotel At Home Suites , Gachibowli, Hyderabad


    Hotel At home Suites is a business hotel in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. It is popular for its round-the-clock and uncompromising guest services. Located just 30 kilometres away from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, this hotel provides easy access to central…

  • Best Restaurant in Dehradun


    Tree Cafe Restaurant has a vast and Best Restaurant In Dehradun with great varieties of food items you love. It is one of the Best Restaurant In Dehradun that serves its customers' best lunch and dinner services. We have more than 100+ food items list you…

  • Premium Sweets for Wedding in Delhi | Laddooh


    ha laddoo, Haldi-Nimbu laddoo, the classic Besan laddoo, and more. The brand mainly deals with the luxury wedding sector and provides themed laddoos for ceremonies like Haldi, Sangeet, Mehendi, and the Wedding day. Laddooh also offers healthy and vegan…

  • online cake delivery in Hyderabad


    Celebrate Memorable moments with CakeEvents for all your special occasions Order Now Best Seller Categories Christmas New Year Birthday Anniversary Cakes

  • Best Restaurant In Dehradun


    Tree Cafe Restaurant is one of the best cafe & restaurants in Dehradun.We are providing good ambiance, fast service, delicious food and you can see beautiful sunset view. More...

  • Best Couple Hotel in New Digha - Free Booking


    Want to tour Digha with your couple? This winter season will brings romantic moment in your life, when you visit the New Digha sea beach with your lovely couple. Hotel Sea Palace Digha is welcoming you to booking. We hope you will enjoy your tours at our…

  • Gelato Cafe Bangalore - Gelato Ice cream Gelatissimo


    Gelatissimo started in the year 2002 in Australia and has made it's footprint in 9 countries globally like the Phillipines, Singapore, China, Saudi, Kuwait, Bangladesh and India having 67 stores across globe. We offer Gelatos, Thickshakes, Coffee, Donuts…

  • Resorts in Bikaner


    If you are in search of the Best resort in Bikaner or a Luxury hotel in Bikaner, Rajasthan then book Basavan Art Hotels and resort in Bikaner with the best accommodation experience. You will find Gaj Kesri and Bhanwar Niwas: one of the premium resorts in…

  • The Best Pasta Restaurant in London | Mangio Pasta & Bottega


    At Mangio Pasta & Bottega, we make the tasty & favorable fresh pasta amazing Italian ingredients. If you want to get our popular recipe like pasta, so you should visit our web portal: or can visit our restaurant in London, UK. Get in touch…

  • Best Hotels in Patna


    The Red Velvet Hotel (Best Hotels in Patna), located in the city’s thriving business area is, undoubtedly, an ultimate destination for luxury, hospitality and serenity.

  • Room in Kedarnath


    Agrabhavan Kedarnath Located near Kedarnath temple is the best place to stay in Kedarnath. We are providing best service to our guests. we are also provide 24/7 rooms service in Kedarnath,

  • zuka chocolate


    We make fresh cakes, birthday cakes, celebration cakes, chocolate truffles, chocolate chip cakes, chocolate. Online cake orders and delivery are available in pondicherry. We make Chocolate truffle cake, butterscotch cake, red velvet cake, Ebony truffle…

  • Restaurants future Post COVID19


    Let go of the old traditional ways of ordering through a paper menu card and go digital with our Digital Menu Card. It comes with many attractive features like a Menu on your WhatsApp, Payment from the same menu card, and also you can save the menu card…