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At ZeusIP, we provide a complete set of services related to your copyright works, their registration and protection. A copyright is an intellectual property right which is given to an individual or any entity on creating a piece of work that is unique and novel. It may be an artistic logo / work, video, literary content, sound recording, computer software, lyrics, etc. The person that creates the copyright is called its Author. The Author is the first owner of a copyright. It is important to protect and prevent any misuse of copyright. ZeusIP is a leading law firm having expert Copyright lawyers in India who have extensive knowledge and vast experience in copyright filings, copyright enforecements, copuright prosecution, litigation planning, litigation strategy, litigation support, and effecitive resolution. ZeusIP team will help clients in minimizing risks & costs and maximizing profits. Protect your creative work against illegal and unlawful copying by availing our services today.