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Ncon Turbines Backpressure steam turbine manufacturers was founded in 1987 and Owing to several advantages with us including increased efficiency, cost reduction offered by the usage of these turbines, and implementation of strict carbon emission regulations, the turbine demand is expected to grow further over the next few years.

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    Single-Stage Steam Turbine
    Multi-Stage Steam Turbine
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Benefits of Hiring Ncon Back pressure steam turbine manufacturers & Suppliers in India:

1. Used as an energy source for the Steam turbine plants.
2. Our physical properties of Small steam turbines are predictable at various pressures & temperatures and are constant across the globe.
3. Ncon Back pressure steam turbine designs are scalable and can be designed to suit any application.
4. This small Steam turbine separates the energy source and electrical power generation, making it suitable for various sources of fuels as feedstock (Coal, biomass, Municipal Waste), unlike a gas turbine, gas engine, diesel sets, etc.
5. Combined heat and power can be handled by steam turbines effectively, making it a widely used mode of Power turbine manufacturers in the process industry.
6. Ncon Back pressure steam turbine manufacturers catering to the baseload operation in modern power systems by virtue of their unique operational characteristics.

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