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Vivekananda World Peace Foundation

22/23 Feeder Road, Kolkata -700056



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Swarnali Ray
Vivekananda World Peace Foundation
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Dear Everyone,
My name is swarnali ray and I am raising funds for (Vivekananda World Peace Foundation) which is working towards the Underprivileged Children's and women's education and health development. we are a social welfare organization, our main motive is child and women care
In this situation that we want to be by their side, so that we can give food and medicine to the helpless child & women.
As a organization, strive to be recognized as the most progressive entity for providing services of unequivocal excellence to women and children for their protection capacity building total empowerment.
There are still many places where peoples cant eat properly, so we want to help them through you (your help) at this tough pandemic situation. Your little help will  benefit them (helpless and women)
We do many kinds of camp. please visit our website, are given bellow.