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World over, rail and metros has been accepted as a preferred option for a viable mass transport system in big cities. The Indian railway manufacturing industry has long been recognized for its contribution to the national economy. By Establishing Kelvin Enterprises India, I believe we have made a significant step towards this sector.
As any motorist knows, there are more trains running today than at any time in recent decades. The economics of railroading are making themselves felt in every industry. Kelvin Enterprises, A firm which has been established by Mr. MK Arora in 1980 in Haryana, Later shifted to New Delhi, India commenced business in railways considering diversity of rail-using customers and the repeat business over the years.

We deal in small track machines including trollies, P-Way Tools, Equipment’s, measuring instruments, P.W.I tool kit, B.R.I Tool Kit, Iow kit, Passenger amenities and various types of retro reflective railways safety and sign boards etc. New equipment’s are made and modified. We have continuous program of product improvement and development. Many of our products our actually solutions to problems presented by customers in the same forthfield.

Railway track maintenance, construction and safety equipment’s help in the indian economy expansion. Our export capabilities and production capacity is valuable for industry and government in development of rail initiatives and policies to maximize benefits to the sector. Initially when Delhi Metro project was taken into consideration in 2002, most of the material and measuring Equipment’s concerned with track were imported but now only 10% is imported and rest is manufacturing in our own country.