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Model No.: BHU35R
Product description: This current voltage USB tester is a USB3.0 multifunctional testing tool, it can measure voltage, current, capacity, power, equivalent impedance, temperature and other indicators. With a 0.96-inch IPS high-definition color LCD display, users can get the parameter easily. It鈥檚 widely used in the quality inspection of 3C digital peripheral products, and is the first choice for the digital gamers and electronic enthusiasts.
Current Voltage USB Tester Features:
1.Show many data real-time, voltage, current, power, equivalent impedance, temperature, all in one screen.
2.Measure the quality of the charger: connect this current voltage USB tester to the same load, the more the voltage drop, the worse the capacity of charger is, the worse the charger quality is.
3.Quick Charge function supported: widely compatible with below charge protocol: QC2.0, QC3.0, APPLE 2.4A/2.1A/1A/0.5A, Android DCP, SAM-SUNG.
4.This current voltage USB tester supports higher precision up to 5 digit to show the test result, less error. For current, it can support up to 4 decimal places, for voltage, it can support up to 3 decimal places.
5.Support on button turn off the screen and maintain the charging function.
6.Temperature can be changed between 掳C and 掳F to fulfill customers all over the world.
7.Support the power-off storage function, this current voltage USB tester can store capacity and energy data when the mobile power is cut off, which is very convenient for subsequent viewing and measurement of mobile capacity energy.
Current Voltage USB Tester Specification:
鈼廙easuring voltage: 3.7-30V
鈼廙easuring current: 0-4A
鈼廋apacity measurement range: 0-99999mAh
鈼廍nergy measurement range: 0-99999mAh-999.99Wh
鈼廘oad impedance measurement range: 1惟-9999.9惟
鈼廡emperature measurement range: 0掳C-80掳C / 32掳F-176掳F
鈼廜perating temperature range: 0掳C-45掳C / 32掳F-113掳F
鈼廝roduct size: 64mmx22mmx12mm
鈼廌isplay screen: 0.96 inch color LCD
鈼廣oltage measurement resolution: 0.01V
鈼廋urrent measurement resolution: 0.001A
鈼廣oltage measurement accuracy: 卤 (0.8% + 4 words) @ 25 掳 C
鈼廋urrent measurement accuracy: 卤 (1% + 4 words) @ 25 掳 C
鈼廝ower measurement range: 0-120W
鈼廡emperature measurement error: 卤3掳C / 卤6掳F
鈼廟efresh rate: 2Hz
Defective rate:
1.Baihuide鈥檚 products defective rate is less than 0.1%.
Delivery time and shipping:
1.We can send your order within 3 working days if we have stock.
2.If order is with big quantity or with OEM/ODM requests, we can finish the production in 2-4 weeks depends on the quantity. We can arrange orders by express, by air or by sea to fulfill customers demand.
Warranty: 12 monthsChina Usb Tester manufacturers