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LLamasoft is the only supply chain design application that integrates supply chain optimization and simulation into a single tool. Use simulation to test supply chain designs to make sure they will function as planned in the face of real-world variables and business needs. Evaluate the supply chain in a digital environment to factor in variability for each individual transaction, decision and movement throughout the supply chain. Utilize simulation to test different courses of action to mitigate risk, discover unplanned events, and evaluate contingency plans.
LLamasoft’s all-in-one design engine uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to perform network, product flow-path, cost-to-serve, inventory, production, and transportation optimization; end-to-end financial, cost, and process modelling as well as Greenfield and demand analysis in a single user interface and data model. Make the right decisions by balancing the business trade-offs that matter most to your organization. Know you’ve made the right choice before you operationalize your decisions.
Benefits of LLamasoft Supply Chain
• Assess the impact of increasing customer demands in a time-phased manner
• Determine when to add additional capacity to any supply chain node including supplier volumes, manufacturing locations, distribution centers and transportation modes
• Simulate changes to production strategies to validate the impact of capital expenditure
• Stress test your supply chain to see where unknown capacity constraints surface
• Assess risk for natural disaster contingency planning and formulate alternative operating plans before disasters occur
• Simulate potential post-merger synergies and cost structures as part of merger and acquisition due diligence
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