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鈼?Our History
Ningbo Qingda Ultrasonic Technology Co., Ltd. was established on February 21, 2014, and its located at No. 16, Houqian Road, Zhouxiang Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province. Our company is a system supplier with more than ten years of rich service experience in the field of ultrasonic plastic welding. We provide comprehensive solutions for plastic welding in many industries in Japan, Taiwan, Mainland China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States especially in the fields of automobiles, electronics, electrical appliances, medical equipment, toys, transportation, etc,. Our experience and achievements are widely recognized. We fully understand the characteristics of fast growth, fierce competition and fast technology updates in the above industries, and provide customers in this field with economical and applicable products with short development cycles and quick results. Since its establishment, our company has continued to develop and create in line with the concepts of technology, environmental protection, professionalism, efficiency, and stability. It has now produced dozens of models (ultrasonic plastic welding machine, large multi-head ultrasonic welding machine) on a large scale. , Ultrasonic lace machine, ultrasonic spot welding machine, precision hot melt machine, large automatic hot plate machine, dedicated line hot melt welding machine, high frequency welding machine, high frequency induction heating machine, rotary welding machine) and so on. The company has a large number of welding experts, design engineers, manufacturing engineers, and materials experts to provide customers with rich knowledge and experience in plastic welding such as materials, process phenomena, welding equipment, and solder joint design. In addition, it has many years of R&D and manufacturing experience in special plastic welding machines and various automation equipment, and has customized, developed and produced hundreds of automation equipment and special plastic welding machines for customers. The company strictly implements the IS09001. 2000 standard sound quality management system. At the same time, we hope to get valuable opinions from customers in the industry to realize our production and management philosophy of "quality, reputation and service"! High-quality, high-tech, high-performance, high-precision machinery Will bring high-efficiency returns to your business!
鈼?nbsp;Our Factory
The company has a standard production workshop and advanced production equipment, with 10 R&D personnel and 100 production personnel. There are five production departments, ultrasonic mold production department, ultrasonic vibrator production department, ultrasonic generator production department, and ultrasonic rack production department. As well as the ultrasonic welding machine assembly department, each department independently divides the labor and cooperates with each other to create high-quality products. And our company has a well-trained professional team, with a brand-new concept of surpassing oneself, and integrated with the enterprise, the whole staff quality awareness and sound quality system run through the enterprise and production links. At the same time, we are based on the technical concept of production generation, research and development-generation, with the goal of leading technology and mastering core technology, and working hard for China's ultrasonic equipment to go to the world.
鈼?nbsp;Our Product
Ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic spot welding machine, ultrasonic converter, ultrasonic horn
鈼?nbsp;Product Application
Automobiles, electronics, electrical appliances, medical equipment, toys, transportation
鈼?nbsp;Our Certificate
鈼?nbsp;Production Equipment
3 ordinary lathes, 4 CNC lathes, 4 machining center machines, 3 engraving machines, 5 milling machines, 2 drilling machines, 3 grinders, 4 grinders, 2 tapping machines, 3 oscilloscopes, power measurement Apparatus 4, 3 electric bridges, 3 power generators, 3 ultrasonic component analyzers, 3 multimeters, 1 hardness measuring instrument, 1 amplitude measuring instrument, 3 height gauges, and 2 inner circle gauges
15 vernier calipers
鈼?nbsp;Production Market
Our company's overseas sales market is mainly in Southeast Asia. Our product quality has reached the standards of European and American counterparts. Customer product feedback is very effective and the repurchase rate is also high. Our products are now mainly sold to the Southeast Asian market, and will enter the European and American markets in the future, and then to the world
鈼?nbsp;Our Service
Our company has a professional production team before sales to conduct production and machine testing to ensure that the goods are delivered to customers in good condition. Our company has professional technicians. The sales service mainly teaches customers to use the machine according to their own products. Allow customers to better use the machine and improve production efficiency. And we have complete and efficient after-sales service, overseas customers we provide technical support, video communicationHorn For Ultrasonic Welding Machine price