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Urinary tract infections are common in females, but not to worry, it’s a curable infection with a mere antibiotic. Kidney infection causes back pain because it is located just above the hips. Bladder infection causes pelvic pain, frequent urination.

Why does urine pH be maintained?
The suitable range of urine pH in humans is between 4.6 to 8.0. This range shows the conventional value ranges that fluctuate slightly among different laboratories. Some labs use varied methods or test different samples.

What is the answer to your problems?
There are various methods available for the upkeep of your health, specializing in the urinary tract and urine pH. We offer you C-Berry that’s an ideal solution to the above problems.

All about C-Berry tablet
Effectively treats urinary tract infections affecting the bladder, ureters, urethra, & kidney.
C-Berry Tablet is a prescription medicine manufactured by Marc Laboratories for the treatment of urinary tract infections & urine pH balancing.
When to use the C-Berry tablet?
C- Berry tablet is effective under these health conditions:

Pyelonephritis – Inflammation of the kidney due to a bacterial infection. The inflammation of the kidney is because of a selected sort of tract infection (UTI). The UTI usually begins within the urethra or bladder and travels to the kidneys. Fever, frequent urination, and pain within the back, side, or groin are symptoms. Treatment includes antibiotics and infrequently requires hospitalization.
Recurrent cystitis – Recurrent cystitis causes serious uneasiness to women encompasses a high impact on ambulatory health care costs through outpatient visits, diagnostic tests, and prescriptions. Use in asymptomatic bacteria in pregnancy.
Recurrent Otis – Recurrent tract infections, or irritation voiding symptoms, are most ordinarily caused by reinfection with the initial bacterial isolate in young, otherwise healthy women without anatomic or functional abnormalities of the tract.
Post-coital infections – With sexual perversion, bacteria can still get introduced into the urethra, which may cause an infection.

Although anyone is vulnerable to getting a UTI from having sex, Richardson says women with a history of recurrent Uris or urinary abnormalities have an increased risk for these infections. Peri-post menopausal women

Side effects: It’s a medical drug that will or won’t show side effects. But it is often advisable to consult your doctor if you see any severe health situation.